Scuba Diving
nimage1 The sea beds of La Palma make up a real paradise waiting to be discovered. Due to the eruption in 1971 of the Teneguía volcano (Fuencaliente), its main attraction is the fact of being the youngest seabed in Spain. They are mainly stunned and very deep, with numerous cracks, caves and edges, some of them are protected because of their importance and uniqueness. At the same time, there are some areas with sandy bottoms. The beauty of the underwater world in the Atlantic ocean is full of surprises. Its tropical waters are absolutely fascinating for divers, no matter whether they are a beginner or not.

Volcanic eruptions have created, both in the north and south of the island, a marine ecosystem of rare and fascinating rock arches, towers and caves. Sea cliffs, with a depth of up to 300 meters, host really incredible sites. To scuba dive along underwater strange formations of volcanic rock, enjoying the diversity and colourful of the sea fauna and flora, is undoubtedly an unique experience. The marine fauna is composed of fishes like parrot fishes, combers, muraenas, white sea breamss, soles, sarpa salpas, groupers ... Among them, the spot fin burr fish, protected by the Endangered Species Catalogue of the Canary Islands, plays an important role in controlling the so called blanquizal. In the area reached by sunlight are a lot of species of flora abundant, such as red and brown algae as well as many invertebrates which feed fishes and other benthic animals.

nimage1If the seabed of the Canary islands combines water purity and temperature with the abundance of sea life to enjoy some incredible divings, the island of La Palma adds to this the lighting of its waters, as light reaches as far as 50 metres. The visibility and water temperature of almost 20º C in winter and 25º C in summer, make possible to enjoy scuba diving throughout the year. And if we have little or no diving skills, snorkelling is another way to enjoy the sea. It's easy, funny and safe and can be done anywhere. Just a pair of diving glasses and a tube are needed to go diving.




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