nimage1 La Palma has become one of the best places in Europe for paragliding. The mild climatic conditions and terrain features and the special orientation of the prevailing winds, combined with the structure and logistics in the island, which allow free flight at least 330 days per year in several flight areas. Thanks to the steep central mountains, even with bad weather conditions in one of its slopes, it is possible to find good weather on the other side of the island to enjoy a flight. The different paragliding areas are close enough one to another, so that you can visit all the important areas in a single day.

In winter, when weather conditions prevent flying on the European continent, here in La Palma is still flying possible in perfect peace. This has turned the island into the best place to fly in winter. Any time year is good to fly on this island, with flights of up to 30 kilometers. The prevailing winds at lower layers, normally up to 1,200 meters above sea level, allows smooth flying conditions near the ocean and advantageous thermals in the mountains. The upper layer, usually stabilised by the Azores anticyclone, offers magnificent conditions of visibility and constant winds, which is ideal for mountain flight without the risks inherent in flying at these altitudes in other places.

nimage1These extraordinary weather conditions add to the existing tourism infrastructure on the island and its proximity to countries of origin of the large number of pilots who visit each year, considering that the entire island has been declared a World Biosphere Reserve and that its sky let you enjoy excellent observing conditions of its amazing volcanic landscapes. An adventure that will be coordinated by the International Flight Centre of la Palma, which will guarantee the safe practice of paragliding and encourage its promotion, putting in value and underlining the natural environment of the island. An International Flight Centre that will coordinate all the ativities an the rules to use as well, where it will be necessary to register it before flying in the island. And finally, we can only wish you a good flight and remember that if we are not experts, we can also enjoy the experience of flying in La Palma getting carried in tandem.




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  • Luxe Apartment

    Only 1 available. Living room with sofa bed, table and chairs. Bedroom with two single beds that communicates with the terrace. Bathroom. Double terrace overlooking the beach.
  • Large Apartments

    Large kitchen / living room with sofa bed, table and chairs. Bedroom with two single beds and wardrobe. Bathroom. Large terrace overlooking the beach and sea.
  • Small Apartments

    Composed of living room with sofa and open-kitchen. Bedroom with two single beds and wardrobe. Bathroom. Terrace overlooking the beach and sea.
  • Studio

    Each Studio has a living room/kitchen with a 2 single bed-settees and a table and chairs. The bathroom contains a small bath with shower, wash-basin and W.C.

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