Star Observation
The Starlight International Conference "A Common Heritage. The Right to Starlight" held on La Palma on April, 20th, 2007, made it possible to cooperation between the World Biosphere Reserve and the IAC to defend the quality of the night sky. The skies of La Palma are very popular with amateur astronomers, who have within their reach the infinite spectacle of the heavens, either with the naked eye or simple telescopes. The highest point of the island is, without doubt, the one that provides the best conditions for observation. But at an amateur level, excellent results can be obtained just by getting away from streetlights, weather permitting. Natural viewpoints, such as the Refugio del Pilar (El Paso), San Bartolomé (La Galga, Puntallana) or el Pueblo (Puntagorda) can be wonderful places to enjoy a fantastic night of stargazing.

Despite of the fact that a network of astronomical viewpoints will stretch over the 14 municipalities of the island, at the present time there already are two, considered as the most spectacular ones:"The Llanos del Jable viewpoint" in El Paso and the "Llano de la Venta viewpoint" in Breña Baja, both at an altitude of 1300m above sea level, not far away from the Refugio del Pilar picnic spot. There visitors will find some informative panels focused on subjects related to the Universe and an arrow pointing to the Polar Star, signing the so-called "longest hiking path in the world"

The celestial dome of La Palma exhibits an infinity of astronomical objects. There are things to enjoy even without any optical equipment whatsoever, particularly star showers. These happen several times a year, and some are truly spectacular. The best deep sky objects are visible in summer, but magnificent constellations and planets such as Jupiter or Saturn are visible year round. Sometimes it's even possible to see a comet, one of the most attention-grabbing objects in the sky.




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